What factors can affect your decision making when gaming and how can you avoid them?

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Before you dive in and start playing though, it is important to know what factors might affect your decision making in games and how to avoid them. But which are most crucial?


One of the major factors which can impact your decision making in games is being tired. This is because feeling sluggish will affect your ability to think clearly. In addition, it could make it hard for you to stay alert, keep up with the action and make the right calls. To avoid this, the answer is to simply get enough rest the night before playing and to take a break if you feel yourself getting tired during a session.

Feeling hungry or thirsty

Another factor which could affect your decision making when playing games is hunger or thirst. Either is bad enough on its own for your ability to make the correct calls in-game – but they are especially tricky combined! Hunger and/or thirst will distract you from what is going on in the game and stop you from being fully focused. It will also make it hard to think straight and work out what you should do next. To combat this, make sure to have something to eat and drink before playing. You might also want to have snacks and drinks on hand to help when in the middle of a session.

Emotional tilt

The last major thing which could affect your decision making in games is your emotions. If you study how gambling online works for any period, you will see this mentioned. If you find yourself getting too angry after losing a hand, for example, you might make a poor decision next in response to how you are feeling. The same is also true if you win a hand and allow your feelings of joy to cloud your judgement moving forward. Try to remain level-headed when playing and always think logically before making any calls.

Gaming can be impacted by many factors

As the above shows, there are some big factors which can affect your gaming. It is key to be on the lookout for them and tackle them if they arise. The good news is that, as our tips on how to combat them show, it is possible to take control as a gamer.

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